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**Update v fix small bug with Eboot resigning. but it seems that no resigners could resign self and sprx files for ODE users unless the files are renamed to instead. put the file you want to resign, if it's put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self. E/S/S/S/E Resigner had only option to resign from retail to users, but remember that E/S/S/S/E is also great tool for ODE users. 3k3y ODE Eboot Resigner Version 1 - Want to get PSN content and homebrew booted with a 3k3y ODE? This tool by Harryoke will do it in.

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Ode Eboot Resigner

Now Download ODDE EBOOT Resigner That Created By @harryoke Step 3: Fix EBOOT For COBRA ODECopy signature that was. Eboot resigner here is test version of a convertor/resigner for updates. . what FW have Cobra ODE, ? i assume you want to resign. EBOOT/SELF/SPRX Resigner for ODE. A site dedicated to bringing breaking console news and exclusive reviews based around Xbox , PS3, PSP, Nintendo.

Discussion in ' PS3 News ' started by kozarovv , Nov 23, By kozarovv on Nov 23, at 5: Nov 8, Messages: Newly added ability to convert CEX. Until version 4. Mega Mirror: RGhost Source: This game is visual appealing and puts you in front of a classic pinball machine for an adventurous experience. Checkout what the developer had to say about this issue below and seems we may have a new PS3HEN update 2. Duck Hunt - Remake by Lapy:

Perhaps theres a way to install them direct to an external drive instead and might be easier than converting to iso? Yes it can be done, you need to extract the kg file then set it up to look like a PS3 disc based game by adding the DISC. SFB and proper folder structure.

Then you need to change the folder to the disc based folder name then re-sign the eboot. Awesome i knew it could be done. Would you happen to have a link to a guide that can help walk me through the process, what programs i might need to download, or how to resign eboot's?

I kinda follow your description but things like disc. Ill get to researching this though and hope to find a decent walkthrough so i can get the gist of whats going on. There is no guide I figured it out myself and I am suffering from a bad case of the flu or I would type one up. But all you need is ps3tools and I use Razorx's Eboot Resigner v1.

Extract Psx Iso From Eboot Resigner

Now that is interesting. I get the changing the folder structure, the disc. Ps: get well atreyu and thanks for the help and nod in the right direction, gonna try out this process on a few pkg's i just got and see how it goes.

Ive gotten the pkg extracted, but then when trying to resign eboot is where i get lost. It keeps saying unable to decrypt and prompts me to try again.

Game Backup (ISO's) Discussion

I select cex when asked for cfw version, then ive tried resign to 4. Am i skipping a step? Razor says the program is easy to use and doesnt give a tutorial so im not exactly sure if im choosing the right options. Also not sure about how to create a disc.

Everything ive read says to get it from the actual game disc, but obviously i dont have it as its a psn download.

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Is it only possible to create a disc. EDIT: got eboot to resign correctly or at least thats the message i got now just tracking down how to make the disc.

Tried another iso this time using the eboot. Am i supposed to change the contentID or param. I believe i have the correct file structure as it matches the other iso's ive made before, the only things ive had to add are the param.

How to Convert PSN PKG Games to Folder Backup Game CFW PS3 -

Last edited by grangerjw1; at PM. You can extract the pkg and out the contents in the GAME folder on an internal or external drivew.

As far as creating an ISO, Atreyu pretty much gave you the tutorial but didn't number the steps. Install the VB5 runtime first. Download and install ps3tools and TrueAncestor Resigners. SFO file found inside the game directory. Click open with, then click browse and find and select parsm. The param. In there, change the ps3 system to 3. Click save and click yes when a prompt for overwriting the file is displayed.

I resigned only a couple files and they look ok. Game play not tested. Let me know if there are any problems. Thank you.

This is a test version only. Everything else based on work of fail0verflow. Last edited: May 28, BIN EB BIN for 3. BIN key files should be in subdirectory "ps3keys" key file name format: Dec 4, Dec 3, Code Text:. Rudi Rastelli Nov 23, 52 SFO as well? If you do so and a new game-update is released, will it still be recognised by PS3? Is this mostly useful for older games where we don't have to expect further game-updates in order to create an let me say 'Final'-ISO with all updates included?

PKG 4.

Found this mechanism in some GOTY-editions Even it's not as elegant as what you would like to achive. Is it possible to resign a self-file from a game-update to 3. Ps3devwiki says 3. Here's what i would like to achive on Cobra-ODE: Extract game-update.

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