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    Download AIOU Books for Matric, BA, MA, Bed, Med, BS, MSC and all other programme. Also download AIOU Urdu Medium Books for Matric, BA, MA, Bed, Med. Programme E-Books Coursecode Course Name • Basics of Technical English • Allama Iqbal Open University Books >>> 1 / 5 AIOU, academy,provides,past,aiou,papers,,.,We,are,happy,to,announce,their,new, service,for,g etting,admission,in,Allama . a song of ice and fire book 5 pdf download.

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    Allama Iqbal Open University Books Pdf

    AIOU has decided to provide students with electronic study materials all over the country. Urdu BA Book Editing Past Papers of Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore will be available here. Here Pakistani students can get Allama Iqbal Open University . Both English And Urdu Medium MA/MEd Education Past Papers of Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore will be available here. Here Pakistani students can get.

    Post your comments 'Hold elections of student unions to end IJT violence' Islamabad: The National Students Federation NSF has demanded that the government should draft a code of conduct for the elections of student unions in universities and colleges here on Monday. The demands came in following the beating up of a senior professor of the Punjab University PU in Lahore by activists of the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba IJT , a party notorious for harassment and violence in educational institutions all over the country, not least PU. He said, "To end the ongoing violence in educational institutions by religious groups, the government should announce a schedule for student union elections. While condemning Lahore event, the NFS said that violence of religious groups such as the IJT, who were backed by political parties, was reflective of the deep malaise in the country's political culture. Unabashed and untamed, the IJT activitists continue to flex their harassing muscles in universities, female students being their top target, as is witnessed on daily basis. The exhibition was held under the auspices of Dr Abdus Salam Science Club, wherein young Rootsians depicted their knowledge and interest through science models. The school premises wore a festive look, with a huge arch and inflatable figure holding a life-size welcome banner placed at the entrance. A huge portrait of Dr Abdus Salam, the Nobel laureate, offered a sense of pride to all. The building's interior was divided into different segments, where the participating students were explaining their crafted models. They exhibited not only the effects and hazards of environmental pollution and energy crises but also came up with innovative solutions for all issues. The model on forests highlighted the importance of forests as one of the most valuable eco-systems in the world, containing over 60 per cent of the world's biodiversity, while in another model, volcanic eruption was shown, with volcanic ash depicted through small dust particles and large rock pieces.

    The model on forests highlighted the importance of forests as one of the most valuable eco-systems in the world, containing over 60 per cent of the world's biodiversity, while in another model, volcanic eruption was shown, with volcanic ash depicted through small dust particles and large rock pieces.

    The young students were well prepared to answers questions by the visitors about their models. The main crowd puller on the occasion was a space shuttle named 'Roots Educational Satellite' with its accompanied students clad in space suits that was launched to start the science exhibition.

    It flew in the sky, strung onto dozens of colourful balloons.

    MA English part 1

    Dr Inam-ur-Rehman, Scientist Emeritus, who was invited as the chief guest on the occasion said young children have an inborn drive to development that propels them towards learning and competence. The slogan of the young Rootsians of Dr Abdus Salam Science Club was, "Earth is everybody's home and nobody likes living in a dirty home.

    Together, we can make the earth a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant place to live. We all together can make a difference if we think and work for the benefit of our healthy environment.

    AIOU Books

    Where there is healthy environment, there will be healthy living. The principal congratulated the position holders and their parents and appreciated the efforts of the teachers. The higher authorities also showed their gratification for the excellent performance by the students and the teachers and assured them of their co-operation. However, the administration resumed work in the evening. Her spouse Rasheed Zahid got infuriated and slapped the nurse.

    Commercial Geography. Sociology —II. Library Services. Pakistani Adab-II. Pakistani Adab-I.

    Principles of Journalism. Principles of Accounting. Advance Accounting.

    AIOU KeyBooks are Available of All course Codes

    History of Urdu Adab. Marketing and Management. Magazine Journalism. Public Relations. Mass Communication. Radio Broadcasting. Book Editing. Business Taxation. Mercantile Law.

    Cost Accounting. Fundamentals of Business.

    Islamic Fiqha. History of Libraries with reference to Pakistan. Principles of Marketing. Food Microbiology. Food and Nutrition. Child Development. Introduction to Environment. Environmental Pollution. AIOU B. A Criteria for Admission. Like in any program, there is also a set of criteria or requirements and interested candidates who meet these conditions or fulfill the predetermined criteria of admissions in B.

    A programs will be given admissions by the university. A Gen Group , B. A Dars e Nizami , you are required to read your prospectus however you can read the following as well to aware about basic requirement for admission: Anonymous November 7, at Anonymous July 2, at 8: Anonymous January 5, at Unknown November 4, at Unknown October 21, at 9: ZAQH November 28, at 9: Noureen Akhter February 23, at 2: ZAQH February 24, at 3: Yasir Rabia October 6, at Rawyl Khan March 11, at 5: ZAQH August 22, at Anonymous August 13, at 1: Hira Alvi August 19, at Syed Azeem August 23, at Sherjeel Butt September 12, at 3: Anonymous October 29, at Anonymous November 12, at 1: Anonymous January 21, at 1: Unknown August 29, at 2: Anonymous November 16, at 3: Anonymous January 5, at 7: Anonymous February 10, at Anonymous February 16, at 5: Saif EMB February 17, at 2: Anonymous July 5, at 9: Nauman Majeed August 18, at 5: Nauman Majeed August 20, at Raheel tariq August 21, at 2: Nauman Majeed August 21, at 3: Anonyms August 24, at 9: Anonymous August 25, at 8: Nauman Majeed August 25, at 4: Nauman Majeed August 26, at Nauman Majeed September 3, at 9: Anonymous September 4, at Anonymous September 6, at Syeda Itrat September 10, at 3: Sohrab Ahmad October 20, at Wise Trader December 6, at 9: Anonymous March 17, at 7: Anonymous March 20, at 1: Mujeeb Butt April 14, at 3: Hiba Tahir April 16, at 4: Sadia Mahmood September 3, at 1: Afia Shoaib November 1, at 4: Raja Naveed November 5, at 3: Shakeel Ahmed November 6, at 5: Star Light December 7, at Rabia January 11, at Anonymous February 12, at 2: Musa Rehman May 13, at 2: Anonymous June 2, at 5: Habib zeb September 4, at 9: Anonymous June 13, at 1: Saad July 7, at 2: Hafiz Nouman August 2, at Asad ur Rehman August 25, at Unknown August 26, at 6: Waqas Raza September 6, at Ijaz Ahmad January 27, at Waqas Khilji Khan October 6, at 9: ZAQH October 31, at 5: Sajjad Yusafzai November 10, at 3: ZAQH November 10, at 8: Anonymous November 20, at ZAQH November 21, at 2: ZAQH November 25, at 8: Khalil Ahmed July 25, at 3: Waqas Raza January 7, at Zainul Sajidin January 27, at Moon g January 28, at 2: Unknown January 29, at 3: Syed Toqeer February 5, at 9: Inam Safety July 6, at 6: Anonymous February 18, at 7: Hamayun khan February 25, at 9: Hamayun khan February 25, at 7: Anonymous February 27, at 9: Nony Khan March 6, at Abubakar sadiq March 23, at 7: Jutt Shazada April 13, at Malik Asjad April 20, at 2: Unknown June 2, at 8: Rafi Mitho July 19, at Unknown July 25, at 3: Arslan Salis August 4, at Ali Raza August 22, at 7: Unknown August 31, at ZAQH September 17, at 5: Omer mir September 14, at 9: ZAQH September 17, at 4: Ahmad raza October 10, at Unknown January 7, at 6: Unknown September 3, at Aiou Study February 9, at 8: Unknown September 15, at 3: JaZZ May 17, at 5: Raja Umer August 13, at 4: Unknown August 29, at 8: Unknown September 3, at 1: ZAQH September 27, at 1: Unknown September 12, at 4: ZAQH September 27, at Unknown September 14, at 1: ZAQH September 26, at Unknown September 16, at Unknown September 26, at Unknown December 4, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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